Most cities have large department stores that fuel the city’s economy, such as a Target or Walmart, to name a few. These businesses constantly receive shipment on a regular basis, especially with same day delivery as an option for consumers online or in store. It’s not uncommon to require or have security at these freight unloading locations, especially for large warehouses and warehouse locations for stores such as IKEA.

These warehouse locations load and unload freight constantly, so the need for security is prominent whether it is during the day or at nighttime, as thieves become more popular during the night time hours when loaders and freight-people are busy. The shear size of these warehouse locations calls for security on foot, rather than behind cameras, as thieves can hide behind boxes, behind vehicles, and even inside of boxes. On foot personnel can be a better means of protecting cargo.

Cargo ships are another popular location for thieves because of the sheer size of these boats and the lack of security camera’s on the ships and/or dock. This makes it very easy for thieves to come out during any hour of the day and steal precious cargo from these ships. On foot personnel could prevent people from sneaking on to these ships and the surrounding dock area as cargo is loaded and unloaded from the boats.

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